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Oil and Gas Trends to Look for in 2020

Anatoly Vanetik

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With an average of over 15.3 million barrels of oil produced per day, the United States was the most dominant oil producer in 2018. The American oil industry was able to offer a supply that kept gas prices low for consumers. With new technologies constantly arising in the industry, America’s oil industry is expected to continue growing. Investors should be on the watch for these trends from the oil and gas industry in 2020.

Backtracking to 2018
The American oil industry adapted well to the changes that occurred in 2018. After the downturn of the industry in 2014, American oil and gas companies continued to devise new plans and strategies to improve their services. There are several factors that play key roles in the 2018 growth of the American oil industry. Oil production from America’s competitors decreased while the demand for oil increased around the world. Additionally, a treaty between countries that belonged to OPEC and non-OPEC countries allowed America to dig deeper into its oil production.

This Year, 2019
Deloitte, a member of the “Big Four” accounting organizations, expected that oil and gas companies would experience a full recovery during 2019. As a result, many investors began to place more money into companies in the oil and gas industry. Many oil and gas companies then responded by utilizing the additional funds to improve their operations.

Looking Forward to 2020
There is a possibility for future disruption in the oil and gas industry. The gradually rising costs in external industries may affect the supply costs of oil and gas companies. However, based on the industry’s track record in 2018, investors should only be concerned with the number of profits that their investments will return.

The 2014 economic downturn in the oil and gas industry allowed companies to improve the efficiencies of their processes. With less capital to work with, companies needed to devise new methods of operation. The industry is still developing improved methods to reduce its costs.

Future Trends
Investors should track how much the infrastructure of the oil and gas industry is improving during 2020. Additionally, investors should pay attention to the future sustainability efforts of the industry.

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